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Reconstruction of temperature in the Central Alps during the past 2000 yr from a δ18O stalagmite record

Mangini, A., Spotl, C. and Verdes, P. 2005; Earth and Planetary Science Letters 235: 741-751


The precisely dated isotopic composition of a stalagmite from Spannagel Cave in the Central Alps is translated into a highly resolved record of temperature at high elevation during the past 2000 yr. Temperature maxima during the Medieval Warm Period between 800 and 1300 AD are in average about 1.7 °C higher than the minima in the Little Ice Age and similar to present-day values. The high correlation of this record to Δ14C suggests that solar variability was a major driver of climate in Central Europe during the past 2 millennia.

P.S.: Another publication using data from this cave:

Persistent influence of the North Atlantic hydrography on central European winter temperature during the last 9000 years
A. Mangini, P. Verdes, C. Spötl, D. Scholz, N. Vollweiler, and B. Kromer